Our Building

We are very lucky to have a very versatile building.

Here's a brief tour!


Entrance Hall


Welcome to our building!

The ground floor is fully accessible with step-free access throughout.


Main Hall


This is our busiest space, not only hosting Sunday Services, but also all of our regular weekday activities.

On Mondays it's the Toddlers playroom, the 615ers main activity room and The Net's game space.

On Tuesdays Toddlers again, then a dining room for the Day Centre before the Youth Group in the evening.

Wednesdays see the Toddlers and Day Centre as well as our monthly Church Meeting.

Thursdays are quieter as it's just the Day Centre and on Friday it gets a well deserved clean ready for the next week of activities!

It is also used for weddings, funerals, fairs and social events.


Small Hall


This room is heavily used by the Youth and Childrens groups - it is ideal for doing craft and messy games as it has a moppable floor!




This is where our Day Centre clients come before and after their meal to socialise; where the Net and Youth Group begin and end most meetings; and the Toddler group come for storytime!



We have 2 kitchens, the larger of which is rated 5 for food hygeine and is where all of the Day Centres meals are prepared - as well as where many youngsters have learned to cook. Our smaller kitchen is where drinks can be made when the main kitchen is in full swing!




Sometimes known as the Vestry this is the smallest room on the ground floor - it is used for small meetings and for doing the "running admin" of our organisations!




Our upstairs room is mainly used by small groups from our youth groups it has been decorated by various groups over the years




All our toilets are now twinned!




Our roof has solar panels which are an important part of our commitment to the environment