Grove Lane Baptist Church

Grove Lane is a unique community of individuals, a liberal church run on the true baptist principle that every member has an equal say. We have the community, justice, the world and the love of God at our heart.

 Many of our membership believe that being a Christian isn't just about Sunday worship but is about being active in our community so at the core are the groups we run during the week: our Day Centre catering for the elderly; our Toddler group for Parents/Carers and their children; and our Youth Groups for Children and young people aged 5 – 18. Our groups and organisations are run with a wide variety of volunteers who are an essential part of our community.

We are a church which doesn't offer a fixed view of religion or spirituality but “meets people where they are”; discussion, debate (sometimes friendly disagreement) aren't just welcomed – they are an essential part of who we are and what we do. We have a monthly “Cafe Church” Sunday which includes a popular discussion session as well as a chance for a chat over a cup of fairtrade coffee. 

We are a campaigning church on issues such as justice, fairness, liberty and equality.

We are proud to be registered to perform mariages of all kinds (including same-sex since 2014), we are firmly committed to marriage equality. 

Grove Lane is currently without a minister which means that we get the opportunity to hear a wide variety of ministers/preachers as well as church members offering a spectrum of views, theologies and insights.

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