Youth Groups Sunday was a one off event on 12th March 2017, it was be a celebration of our Youth Groups past, present and future. Nearly all of the children and Young people in the 615ers, Net and Youth Group were involved.

The event was be different, ambitious and probably unique.

There were Games, Craft Activities and other activities similar to what each of the groups does during their sessions on Monday and Tuesday evenings, visitors were able to join in with most of them! We also had a climbing wall and food at lunchtime.

The event ran between 10:30 and 2pm but was a “drop in” thing meaning that people stayed for as long or as little as they wanted.

The building was divided into Zones - the "recollections zone" in the foyer was where we looked back at the groups in the past; the "Games zone" in the main hall where we demonstrated a lot of the games we play all day; the "Craft zone" where there was Badge making, Candle making, Biscuit decorating and the opportunity to contribute to our collective artwork; the "problem solving" zone where people could try out the problem solving challenges we have on some of our activities we do; the "clubnight  zone" with Pool, Table Tennis, Table football etc; the "thinking zone" with displays about the projects we've done about fair-trade, poverty and the world around us; and the "camping zone" in a tent outside where people could try "campfire cooking" and do other camping related activities!

There was also a "Youth Groups Sunday" cake!